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Monday, 30 October 2017


NATURAL TREATMENT FOR SKIN RASH: Skin rash is unbearably not something to be glad with regardless of what type it is or how it is contacted. Skin rash can form from a reaction to chemicals or from being allergic to a specific food item. It usually causes severe itching of the specific part which might eventually turn into an open sour. Skin rash can be treated with drugs and lotions which might be expensive but this article focuses on the use of natural/herbal way of curing skin rash

The use of coconut oil


Coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil can act as a powerful anti-fungi, when applied to skin rash, it brings about immediate itch relief, and constant application for about a month will totally eradicate it from your skin. Make sure you wash the spot or take a shower before application of coconut oil to have an effective treatment.

The use of Apple cider vinegar 


Apple cider vinegar has an anti-microbial property which aid it in killing fungi on the skin surface when applied. Skin rash with fungi related causes such as eczema, ringworm, and dandruff can be eliminated with Apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture on the affected part after a shower and do this continuous until it dries out completely.

Use of Aloe Vera 

The use of aloe Vera to treat skin infection is not a new thing to talk about, aloe Vera can also be used to treat any skin rash regardless of the causal organism. Aloe Vera is extremely rich in mineral and vitamin which aid the skin to have a soothing effect. It is best used naturally or freshly cut from its tree, it can also be used mixed with anti-fungi or anti-bacteria creams depending on what type of skin rash you want to treat. Make sure it is applied immediately after shower to allow proper treatment.

The treatment of skin rash in hospital may require lot of money, but the above listed natural materials requires little or no money, they can be found within the environment. So with the use of these ready made materials, why not eliminate skin rash from our community.