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Saturday, 28 October 2017

How to Start Losing Weight instantly With Nigerian Foods

How to start Weight Loss instantly with Nigerian Foods: You must have heard somewhere or even witness a drastic change in a friend's stature, and when you ask him/her, they tell you it is as a result of change in diet. It's no longer secret that changing one's diet can affect the rate at which one lose weight but one thing most of us don't know is that many of the local foods in Nigeria can be used to encourage weight loss. A recent study conducted revealed that the average rural Nigerian woman weighed 55 pounds less than the average African-American Chicago woman, and this is despite considering the fact that both parties burned roughly the same amount of calories daily. Further research speculated that this is because most Nigerian foods are made from unprocessed ingredients.


Read this guide for foods to consider for weight loss:

  • Monitor Your Calorie Intake.
A very good point to note is that eating a healthy meal does not guarantee that you'll lose weight. It is certain you will still gain weight if your healthy meal is high in calories. To avoid this, I will tell you to reduce the size of your meals, even when you visit a Nigerian restaurant, do not eat everything that is served, don't think about the money, consider your body weight. Instead eat a little and have the rest packed for later.

  • Avoid High-Calorie Nigerian Foods.
We know the Nigerian diet is heavy on carbonhydrates. Foods with high-calorie ingredients such as yam, cassava and plantain are staples of many Nigerian foods such as amala, akpu, tuwo, iyan, pounded yam and garri to mention but few. The Nigerian stew and soup is also prepared with the ever present aid of palm oil, vegetable oil which has a high calorie value.

  • Avoid eating large meals. Instead eat smaller portions.
Don't let us bore you out with the don't at least we must eat something. These are foods you can eats without much limitations and still succeed in reducing your weight.

  • Eat More Fruits.
Fruits like mango, watermelon and papaya are common in Nigeria and are a significant part of the local menu. When you add these set of fruits to your diet, it will provide your body with many of the essential vitamins and minerals it needs and these fruits are also good sources of fiber, which will regulate your digestive system

  • Make Healthy Choices.
Consider Nigerian foods such as beans, cowpeas and moi-moi which are good choices for weight loss. They contain high amounts of protein and are made entirely from unprocessed ingredients.

Other good options include vegetables such as ugwu, egusi, ewedu, elubo, utazi leaves and ogbono. These set of vegetables vary across all Nigerian tribes and who said food has a tribe division in the first place.

I hope this articles was helpful in choosing the right meal.