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Saturday, 28 October 2017

How to lose weight with Nigerian Food

How to lose weight with Nigerian Food: People's impression about ideas and facts are always different so I know most people might think it’s not possible to lose weight eating Nigerian food because of the category of most of our local food, but this is false, I have done it and witnessed some, and heard of hundreds of people using the Nigerian food weight loss meal plan to shed off weights in Nigeria.

Today's post will be an amazing resource for Nigerians looking to lose weight, as we will provide you with recipes as well as meal plans for weight loss and it will be completely on a Nigerian diet. So you get to enjoy local meals like egusi soup, jollof rice, dodo. etc .

So let's dive in to today's business as we take you through the basic principle of weightloss with Nigerian food.

Simple Ways to Lose Weight With Nigerian Food

  • Eat Less Carbohydrate

This is the most important point to consider as most typical Nigeria Diet is heavy on Carbohydrate, a sample meal consumption for a day in a Nigerian family might include: Yam for breakfast, Eba/garri for lunch and Rice for supper. These set of meal simply translate to high rate of this class of food that is loaded with calories. It is extremely important to watch carbohydrate intake. Other Heavy Carbohydrate Nigerian foods that you must watch out the quantity you take includes Garri, yam, pounded yam, semovita, spaghetti, Rice, cornflakes, bread, cocoyam.

  • Consume Less Oil

Oils are also very high in calories and fat, and this is what we cannot do without in making our stews, and other local soups. Avoid using Oil when you don’t have to, and if you must, it is recommended you use only a small amount.

  • Watch The Salt (magi)

Most times we cook with packaged seasoning mixes and uses lots of salt in our diet. Typical seasoning like Maggi, Knorr, Adobo e.t.c contains high amount of salt in them, but we still go ahead and add extra table salt to dishes that already contain these seasonings. This means salt overload. Salt in itself has little to no calories, but Over-consumption of salt leads to temporary weight gain as it causes the body to retain water.

  • Watch What You Drink.

When we drink, we consume loads of excess calories from drinks, as we are more likely to pay more attention to what we eat than what we drink. Drinks are equally as important when it comes to weight loss. Some drinks that are perceived as Healthy drinks can also contribute to excess weight gain, for example malt drink which contains 48g of Carbohydrate, which is approximately a cup of white rice and that is what we consume while eating carbohydrates. We are not here to discourage the consumption of health drinks, but do not neglect the calories in these drinks when it comes to your daily diet.

  • Choose Meat Wisely.

We know It is extremely difficult for Africans to ignore red meat as it is our preferred staple in most soups and sauces. But we don't know what this red meat comes with. If you must eat red meat, make sure to trim off as much excess fat as possible. The recommended red meat option for dieter is goat meat, this is comparable to beef in protein but contains 50% less calories and significantly less fat. We should also consider frying as Fried foods introduce high amounts of oil, calories and fat into our diet which makes it more difficult to lose weight. An alternative to frying is oven roasting and oven frying.

  • Avoid High Calorie Snacks.

The typical snack on the Nigeria street include fan Yogo, gala, lacasera, chin chin, buns, Puff puff, plantain chips which are High calorie snacks. When trying to lose weight, snacks are a diet sabotage.

  • Eat Spicy Foods.

As spicy foods requires water; by increasing your water intake you feel full faster and in that sense watch out our weight.

  • Eat More Fiber.

Fibre is the option to consider when you are bent on reducing your weight. It helps you feel full sooner and stay full longer which means less snacking and binge eating. Foods that are high in fiber includes Beans and legumes.

And lastly, it is ultimately recommended to do a lot of exercise, it doesn’t really matter what exercise program you chose, you just have to be consistent with exercise.

Follow these guides and Good Luck with your weight loss

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