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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Benefits of water to the hair

 In our previous post, we talked about the benefits of drinking clean and healthy water and Benefit of water to the skin. In this post, we'll be talking about the benefits of water for the hair.
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Like I said before, the benefits of water is limitless. I take great pleasure in drinking water, lots and lots of water. Every part and organ in our body needs water, even the hair. Funny right, Unbelievable but it is true.
Outlined below are some benefits of water to the the hair:

1)  Cold water rinse leaves the hair glossy and shiny. The cold temperature constricts the hair cuticles to make the strands smoother and more reflective. It also prevents dirt from accumulating on the scalp and makes hair stronger.
2) The nutrient-rich ocean water supports marine botanicals which repair, cleanse and detangle strands. Ocean water contains red algae and sea lettuce which cleanse the hair without drying. It also strengthens and adds shine to the hair.
3) Soft water shower leaves the hair more manageable because of the presence of low mineral salt and molecules in it. If you get hard water supply at home, then install a water-softening shower filter. This will also prevent the hair color from fading.
4) Chlorinated and salty water can make the hair frizzy. To prevent the damage, rinse your hair just before taking a plunge into the swimming pool. The strands will absorb the clean water so that it does not soak too much of chlorinated water. After the dip, coat your hair with conditioner for the extra protection.
5) Believe it or not, but water is the most natural setting lotion for hair. Each of the strands is made up of hydrogen bonds which separate when the hair is wet. If you style your hair while it’s wet, the hydrogen bond will reform to give a new shape.
  • To achieve soft waves, mist your hair with water and separate into four sections.
  • Twist each section into a small bun and secure with a pin.
  • Blow dry and then unfurl to get soft waves.
6) Water does not contain any harsh chemicals found in hair styling products which can make your hair dry and damaged.
7) Water is a natural miracle ingredient that supports vitamin consumption and assists in efficient and healthy hair growth. Water makes almost ¼ of the weight of a hair strand, thus, drink two liters of water every day to get gleaming and healthy tresses.
8) Our hair thrives on moisture-rich environment and water is one of the best ways to quench its thirst. Just like our skin, hair also needs lubrication from inside out. Dehydration has a direct impact on the growth of hair. Lack of moisture results in dry and brittle hair. It may even stop growing at the maximum genetic rate if you don’t drink enough water to meet your daily needs. The roots of the hair are the means by which water is transported from the body. They soak up water and provide hydration to the rest of the hair strand.
9) Our scalp and roots have photosensitive and energy saving nerve endings which receive and transmit signals. Water energizes the nerve endings to enhance the natural vitality of the skin and hair roots. Drinking water also helps to eliminate hair problems like dandruff and Dermatitis Seborrhea.
10) You can also mix jojoba oil or any other essential oil to distilled water to make a leave-on hair serum. This will give you shiny and sleek hair in no time.