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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Newly Elected Nigerian Society of Physiotherapy NEC Members

The Hand Over ceremony to the Newly elected Nigerian Society of Physiotheray NEC Members has held at the Trauma Center at the National Hospital Abuja on 19th of January 2017
In a very colourful and emotional ceremony that had a lecture titled " Since November 2016 ",the mantle of leadership was transferred from the Dr Oyewumi led NEC to the Dr Rufai NEC.
Newly Elected Nigerian Society of Physiotherapy NEC Members
We pray God guides the activities of this new set of executive towards re-branding, re-positioning of the Nigerian Society of Physiotherapy so that NSP becomes a house

hold name in Nigeria and our mother body NSP grows to greater heights.

We also pray for Peace and Unity amongst us all.
Long live NSP!
Long live FRN!


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