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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Do You Have Any Idea What Will Happen IF you Just Ate ONE Pomegranate?

Did you know that pomegranates can prevent coronary arterial progressive diseases? Yeah, they can, and there are studies to prove it. In fact, pomegranates can even reverse the primary cause associated with cardiovascular mortality, i.e. the progressive thickening of the coronary arteries that lead to an accumulation of fatty substances, or as the medical term goes,atherosclerosis.

 Do You Have Any Idea What Will Happen IF you Just Ate ONE Pomegranate?
As unusual as it may sound, but researchers have found that pomegranate extracts, if used regularly, can lead to a series of positive effects, like:

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Lower oxidative stress levels;

According to another study published in the Clinical Nutrition journal in 2004, pomegranates can also help unclog arteries. The study involved a three-year research in Israel which resulted in some interesting discoveries. According to the results, a daily dose of pomegranate juice can reverse the stenosis of carotid arteries by up to %29 in less than a year.



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