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Monday, 30 January 2017

How To Carry Out Pregnancy Test Using Mobile Phone

This article is strictly for those girls out there who do not actually know how to detect their pregnancy status.
How To Carry Out Pregnancy Test Using Mobile Phone
Now we are here to direct you on how you can detect or conduct a pregnancy test by your self with out the help of a doctor. In order to conduct pregnant test with your mobile device, we have decided to publish this article,so that it will not be difficult for you any longer. We all may know that many pregnancies this days are due to rape and majority are as a result of a mutual agreement between the two parties involved. But you should know is that, when this eventually happens, you will have to look out for a simple method or approach on how conduct a simple pregnancy result test. without much debate concerning the recent and innovative technology in the mobile world yet
Meanwhile on this on this article, conducting pregnancy test with your mobile device has been made so easy and simple with the help of HealthOmetrics. I bet someone is trying to cast his doubts, i am assuring you without retraction that this is simply possible, a lot of people, ladies/women around the world and Nigeria have tried it and the result has been extremely positive.

I know this article might be very funny to some person but yet interesting post ” Using two lines in one phone not a dual sim phone” and how to Use and Master Your Phones and Mobile Device Functions with Ease! All this are bye product of innovative technology, including the pregnancy test with your mobile device.
The most important thing you should know when checking your pregnancy status, is that you need result. I got mails from friends most especially those that are very close, asking so many questions like: How do i know that am pregnant, or how do I check my pregnancy status.

To conduct pregnancy test with your phone, for blackberry users just dial **18p# send and place it on the woman’s belly and wait for a few seconds, you will definitely see the screen of your phone with the following displaying boldly;
B+0.1 Which means one week pregnant B+0.2 Which means two weeks pregnant B+ CL3 Which means three weeks pregnant B+1 Which means one month pregnant B+2 Which means 2 months pregnant

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