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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Vitamin Supplements Can Increase The Risk Cancer

I know in Nigeria, we hardly hear that people die of cancer but the shocking news this morning is that "Cancer has arrived" and it has always been here.
The issue is that most us believed that those who died in our families or around us are bewitched by native doctors or by bad family members. Hence, there is barely no trace of what actually causes it. Today, as I speak (Write) to you "Vitamin Supplements Can Increase The Risk of Having Cancer" because many of us are forming too busy to go on a good diet plan, so they use supplements to make up for the bad diet and some vitamins deficiency.
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Vitamin Supplements Can Increase The Risk Cancer
Many Nigerians are consuming vitamins because of these reasons. Many studies were conducted that proved that these vitamins can raise the chances of cancer by 56%.

The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t tell us this information because the vitamin supplements are bringing profit of 6 Trillion naira yearly.

Is it really a good idea for Popping pills?

Some studies conducted back in 1980 proved that vitamin supplements can do more damage than good for the body, because we often exceed our advised vitamin consumption with these pills. Overdose with vitamins is occurring because you are adding the vitamin supplements to the vitamins that are consumed through the food. If you consume more Beta-carotene, you will raise the chances of lung cancer and heart ailments by 20%. Exceeding with the intake of folic acid can raise the chances for colon cancer.

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Advisable to consume the vitamins you need in the old-fashioned way!

The best way to consume the needed vitamins is through your diet. Forget about the supplements. You can consume the proper amount by just changing your diet. Get rid of the supplements and use the products from the nature. For example: Consume the folic acid by eating green vegetables such as broccoli. The vitamin E is included in kale and almonds. Beta-carotene is included in carrots and mangoes.

When it comes to vitamins consummation, you should know that more is not better. If you have a healthy and proper diet, then the supplements aren’t needed at all. You can only raise the risks of cancer and other diseases. In case your diet is not healthy, then you should make some changes in order to bring your organism back in normal again without using any supplements.

This Article is actually rewritten to my Nigerian Brothers.

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