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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Create WhatsApp Account – WhatsApp Registration | Sign Up Whatsapp

Are you looking for how to create WhatsApp Account free? This article is about to show you the complete steps involved in whatsapp account registration process easily.
You can now legally download WhatsApp messenger app for the following devices:
  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone
  • Android
  • Nokia (Java, Symbian, etc.)
Before you start creating a whatsapp account, ensure that Whatsapp is supported by the mobile phone for which you wish to use in Whatsapping.

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Note: Though each phone has its own different store where the messaging app could be download from.
For those who have not known before that WhatsApp messenger is a social network through which people can share feelings with friends and well wishers. Though till now some don’t know that WhatsApp sign up is very easy when the right procedure is followed. So here you will learn how to Register WhatApp account and WhatApp login free.

How to Register WhatApp Account for free

To Create WhatsApp account is a simple online process of creating a whatsApp user name and password which will grant you access as a member and authorized user of the number one social network in the world today. After the WhatsApp Registration then with your Whatapp User name and password, you can be able to chat with friends and share pictures.
Steps to Create WhatsApp Account – WhatsApp Account Sign Up

The very first thing you need to do when you want to register whatsApp account free is to make sure that you download latest version WhatsApp Messenger, into your device and also ensure that you have a stable connection to the internet, preferably in the 3G, 4G, or WiFi.

  • Go to; www.whatsapp.com
  • Click on Join Whatsapp, Fill in the necessary information like
  • Enter your correct phone number. Make sure that the phone number you are entering is correct because this is the most important stage of Whatsapp registration.
  • Enter your country code and confirm your phone number.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the phone number is correct, you can tap Yes on iPhone and Android, or tap Continue on Windows Phone.
  • You’ll get a confirmation SMS message with a 6-digit verification code, which you can enter on the next screen you see

In case you have not downloaded the messenger before, then after the registration, Click on Download Whatsapp, Choose your phone type to download Whatapp Messenger free in your phone

How to Login WhatsApp with Different Phone Number

Do you loose your phone number or perhaps you want to use your friend’s phone to login whatsApp, and you don’t know how to login whatsApp with another number. The process is actually quite simple and very similar irrespective of what mobile operating system you use, apart from Android which which requires you to press the Menu button.

The Steps are:
  •  Select Settings.
  •  Then tap on Account.
  •  Finally select Delete Account (Delete My Account for Windows Phone).

The next screen that will appear on your phone will require you to enter the new phone number you wants to login whatsapp with in full international format (e.g +2349034039101 - Nigeria).

Use the comment box bellow if you have any question regarding Create WhatsApp Account or WhatsApp Registration or even share your testimony if the steps was of help to you.

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Easiest way to go about creating a whatsapp account is to download and install Whatsapp on your smart device. Next, you'll be asked to fill in some details which includes your mobile number. Click on next and next and next until account is created prior to verifying your mobile number. That's all that is required to set up a Whatsapp account @Ibrahim

I want to log in to whatsApp help me please

Sorry but were you logged out of Whatsapp? If you are sharing mobile phone or probably switched sim card, When there is network, Whatsapp will prompt you to switch Whatsapp to the new number. There is nothing difficult with switching or logging in to Whatsapp account unless I don't get What your question correctly.

i need to sign up on whatsapp

Hello Djeins, If you need to sign up Whatsapp, you will need to specify which platform you want to use in signing up for a Whatsapp account. IF you need Whatsapp on mobile phone, first, you'll have to install Whatsapp and complete Whatsapp registration in similar process just as I explained to Fmwadondo in the previous comment. Visit www.whatsapp.com to start the whole sign up process.

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