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Friday, 3 February 2017

How to Gain Weight Fast & Safely With Nigeria Foods

How to Gain Weight fast and safely with Nigerian foods is born out from my friends weight gain experience. Believe me, you don't need the full gist.
Since this experience, have been searching on how one can gain weight safely with Nigerians meal and diets. Today have been able to achieve the compilation of Nigerian diets that can help you out. 

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How to Gain Weight Fast & Safely With Nigeria Diets

This article specially dedicated to my lekpacious (1) friends.

Whether you are clinically underweight or simply a “hard gainer” struggling to gain some muscle weight, the diet principles matters so much. This article outlines a simple strategy to quickly gain weight, the healthy way with Nigerian staples.

What Does “Weight Gain” Really Mean?

Gain Weight Fast & Safely With Nigeria Natural Diets
Rice and Fried Chicken
Weight gain is an increase in body weight. This can be either an increase in muscle mass, fat deposits, or excess fluids such as water.

Below are the common Nigerian foods that can help you add some fats to your bones:

White Bread

White bread is surely what you should look out for on your mission to adding weight with Nigerian home foods/staples. It has a lot to offer.

White Rice

White rice is one of the greatest staple foods for adding weight. Fortunately, it happens to be too great in terms of its ability to add to your weight. On the contrary, Brown rice is not too good for weight gain.

Fried Foods

You should fry your meat, fish, bean cake, yam and even your stew. All these can positively increase your weight. On the contrary, you should avoid boiling or baking. Fried foods not only increase your weight, they give you good taste and eating experience.

Soft Drinks

The soft drink market in Nigeria is thriving with new entrants coming into the market everyday. Fortunately enough, they have been a good help to those seeking for weight. Ones in a while, just give it a try.

Nigerian Solid Foods

This is what we often call ‘swallow’. Be it pounded yam, amala, garri, tuwo, akpu or fufu. These foods are high in calories and Nigerians often joke with its potentials in adding to weight. If you really need that muscles/fats on your skinny bones then eat large amounts of them. Pounded yam in particular is very high in calories so if you eat this a lot, then you are on the right track.

Note: Avoid Wheat meal if you really need add weight.

Indomie, Spaghetti, Macaroni and the likes

In case you don’t know, these foods are made from flour and they have high calories which makes it a better option for weight gain. They are fast and easy to prepare, but be rest assured that they could also be as fast and easy in adding to your weight. So the ball is in your cut.

Most snacks in Nigeria pack a whole lot of calories along with them. They are readily available and it is difficult to take our eyes off them. We can find them in eateries and even in traffic. You should stop by and patronize the sellers.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is both high in calories and also in saturated fat which is good for weight gain. Fortunately enough, many Nigerian foods and soup are palm oil based. It is advisable to key in.


Eguisi is very high in calories and fat. Most of the fat in Eguisi is good fat, the high calorie content make it a good choice for those that are not conscious of their weight. Combine eguisi soup with pounded yam and you already have a good recipe for weight gain.

Bottom Line: In as much as these foods will help you add weight, don’t think you are allowed to take so much of it, so obesity don't set in. It’s a game of numbers so you need to get both the quality and quantity of your food right.

Feel free to drop your comments and questions and let me know if you found the article informative.

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(1) Lekpa meaning slim or skinny.


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